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Originally Posted by ikrieger View Post
Over the weekend I discovered my girlfriend actually doesn't like sailing. "I pray for bad weather on the weekends" were here words.

I've tried to introduce her slowly to sailing by not going out in bad weather and keeping the trips short to about 1 hour sometimes organized around events like fireworks, or the airshow to keep it interesting. I don't ask her to go a lot, maybe 2-3 per month. We have a 2 yr. old and admittedly she has to watch her most of the time which I know is hard. So... any suggestions.

I was thinking of making it more a date thing where we keep the kid at home and I can teach her sailing and then when we go out I can watch the our daughter while she helms. She also has a competitive nature so maybe racing on another boat with other people men/women would help her gain interest.

I grew up sailing with my family and wanted to do the same with our new family, but it seems that all may be lost. If she has anxiety about the prospect of going sailing, let alone actually sailing.
If the date or margarita tricks don't work, get a smaller boat and enjoy single-handing it!

Does she like being on the boat at anchor or in a marina? If so, you can always single-hand to a destination and have your girlfriend fly/drive there to enjoy the easy part of cruising.

One other thing you can do is motor more often. When things are boring or scary, being under power and not tipping is often reassuring to non-sailors, especially with a tippy toddler on board. Also, any anxiety you might have will be recognized and amplified by your girlfriend, so if motoring quiets things down a bit and makes your life easier, then go for it.
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