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I don't mind you asking at all. I got it from Garhauer Garhauer Marine Hardware -70954

I think it was $275 at the time. If you check around forums, I think you will find many happy Garhauer customers. They built a nice, custom rigid vang for me at a much lower price than anywhere else I researched. It is a quality piece of equipment....nothing cheesy about it. It makes a big difference in comfort and sailing on the Cal.

Although I do not feel I did the best job mounting mine, I don't think it was that tough and would do it again. You do need to tap some threads in the mast and boom. I just underestimated the importance of tapping the threads at exactly the same angle as the boom shape, so the first couple I did are not perfectly tight. I will probably redo them in the future.

Take a look at this Wilkie's Sailboat Page and you might want to search the installation project on google so you know what you are getting into. I read through a few peoples experiences and learned a bit. Garhauer supplies instruction as well. I found them good to work with.

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