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Originally Posted by US27inKS View Post
While I'm glad that you are in love with your boat, I would encourage you to check the dates of posts you reply to. I see that you've replied to 2 threads so far, the first one died a little more than a year ago, and this one died 3 1/2 years ago. It is considered bad form to float old threads. If you have a question or simply want to tell everyone how much you love your boat, by all means do so. Just start your own new thread, or comment on a current thread. Thanks.
Yo US - lighten up dude. Seriously. Threads don't die. If someone is interested in the subject and is willing to comment on it - it lives. No matter how long it's been. Who gives a damn?

Mini - blow the above post off. Starting a new thread just for the sake of not offending some weird "rule" that makes no sense anyway is silly. I don't know who came up with that one. But this is a forum where people talk about sailing - not try to earn a blue blazer from the Proper Forum Rules Society.

Have fun, dude.
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