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Originally Posted by CalebD View Post
Welcome to sailnet (aka, SN, SiNcity etc). Yes, there is a lot of activity on this site compared to some others and most of the folks here know a lot about boats.
Your boat looks like a nice starter boat for the following reasons:
- it has a trailer (much cheaper then a slip or mooring - storage in your own back yard is way cheaper then a boat yard too)
- 21' is a good size, not too big, yet not really small (everything costs by the foot)
- 1980 makes it an older boat but not as old as some of them (like mine)

I assume you have the mast and boom and maybe even some sails for her? Did she come with an outboard engine?
Is the trailer in good shape? Do you have an adequate tow vehicle for it (you need to know the weight of the boat and the rated towing capacity of your vehicle)?

Congrats and good luck.

Hey thanks, Yes she came with 2 sets of sails/Jibs, the mast/boom are both in good shape, I just have to find the bolts to reconnect it, the Stainless guide wires are not horrible, but we are replacing them anyways because the do show sleight signs of ware. The pulpit needs to be replaced (where is the best place to get those, or should it be custom?), and the same w/ the outboard, from what I can gather from the identical boats 9.9 is common, and from what I gather it will have to be 20" or better (recommendations please). Trailer is worth what we paid for the boat and my v-6 truck can do it as long as I don't push-it too hard, she did well on the 30 mile trip home. We will also have to replace the deck hardware, but all the original teak for the external is present/removed, the hull is very sound and has no weak points I can find. *Edit* Also a rudder, I found a reply in a thread from PBzeer for IdaSailor, they have rudders for a SC22, thats probably what I will try unless someone advises otherwise. A lot of other work (re-assemble only, minor superficial fiberglass touch-ups)will also be necessary, we knew this going in and I prefer this because I have an engineer mind, and 1k for the boat would have been foolish to pass up. Not to mention I am so excited, since this started It's all I've been focused on (besides work). So, as you can understand, I am serious about this and even though it's a small boat, I feel she is just the start.

I have been there, that was my starting point and someone finally just replied, He is a senior member and knows the history of that 30 year old Company, He feels it is defiantly a "one of a kind" design no doubt SC, maybe an experimental design or even custom built, they have been just as receiving as this forum. From what I have found here this community also has mounds of info to acquire, and seems like a pretty close-knit group, thats good. And I do not want to limit my knowledge. I have been enjoying some of the shared experiences here and they are really helping us get a better perspective, we like what we see ; ).

So! Needless to say we will be here for a while, as we re-build this we will be seeking help and knowledge/advice from all who will lend the time. I am an RPSGT and she is a practice manager so we don't have much time, she is going into Nursing, I am on my way to 3 days a week, so after another year we will be where we want, then look-out!

Thanks again for the warm welcome

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