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I had a similar problem with both of the water tanks on my PSC 37. After some trial and error the solution I found for clearing the vent hose was to use a short length of wire to clear what I could from the outside of the vent into the hose. That left the hose still plugged but some dirt fell out. I then blasted the vent with a stream of water aimed straight down the vent. It took a little while to clear this way, but eventually the vent hose ran clear. I then had to clean the tanks out via the interior hatch as the dirt and mud ends up inside. If you try this, you might want to mostly empty your tanks first. I used a sponge and bucket to empty the tank, sprayed it inside with a hose, cleaned again, sprayed, cleaned and called it good.

I could tell the vents were clear by running the water in the sink and then feeling for a slight intake of air at the vent. If there is no sucking pressure when you put your finger over the vent, its still plugged.

I'll probably end up replacing the water lines at some point this winter as the water is taking on a foul taste when it comes out of the faucet. But for now the vents are both clear!

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