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You must be me

Just saying hello.

I'm immersed in rebuilding 80% of the top deck of my 72 G30 which sits for now in my back yard. I have no real thoughts to share except to say these are fine boats. Make sure the top deck has no soft spots. If there are soft spots let me know and I will tell you what I have learned about restoring such a boat on the cheap....not that I have succeeded yet but I am on the way. I am in the midst of a huge complex task which only an insane man would undertake involving learning the fiber glass and epoxy arts. Does the atomic four turn? its ok if i wont start now but can you make the engine turn? Try with a monkey pipe or other wrench to turn it at the belt... that is important. If the engine turns take the plugs out and put oil in the cylinders right away. I have learned these engines are so incredibly tough that even a moron can't destroy them...they can almost always be brought back to life. Take it from me.

I am curious. Is this a hobby for you? Where will you work on the boat? Why would you consider such a hare brained idea as buying an old sailboat. Are you completely insane?....I am.... but I am fortunate to be surrounded by close friends... incredibly good talented people including a structural engineer and an understanding helpful girlfriend who loves the water and sailing and share my insanity and help me and support this insane venture. Without them I would never make it. I would drop the idea and the adventure without these people sharing it. I am lucky. I was just about ready to cut her up and haul her to the dump but now I am begining to make actual progress
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