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Cleaning water tanks

fairly strong, I have used a mix of 9:1 water bleach and had good results on extremely nasty tanks, but it takes some serious flushing afterwards.

something that works with the right tanks is to use a sealer cap the kind used on some clothes washers to seal of off unused water ports, fits right on the end of the hose, drill a small hole in it and use a length small copper tube to make a spray wand, you can with a little care work it into the tank, and bend it so you can spray the whole inner surface, the smaller diameter will increase the speed/power of the water jet so it can clean off any grubnge inside the tank. If there is a partition in the tank you need to either drill a hole to get the wand in, or se if you can reach from the outlet side, assuming outlet and fill are on either side of the baffle. most of the tanks I''ve cleaned have been fully accessable using a combination of the fill/outlet/ and vent ports, only HAD to put an access on 1 tank so far, but I have to clean the tank on my triton, and it looks as though I''ll need to install one there.
With a little searching at a good hardware store you can find ready made fittings that will work for the hose end.

alternate is to place an inspection port on either side of the baffle so you can reach in side and scrub, if you do that find some food grade sealers to bed the ports, if fiberglass tanks, use some good epoxy type paint or resin to seal the fresh cut edges and keep the water from working into the laminate.

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