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Yes another Free Boat thread.

Well I guess I screwed up the other day and my Thread didnt get posted.

So We will go at this backwards.

here ya go.

This thing appears to have a very high build quality...The hull is very fair and hard to detect much flaw. He has definitely paid attention to detail and is a meticulous type person... what little of the strip planking that was still visible was tight and well encapsulated with no signs of air pockets or poor saturation.

The Keel arrangement is unusual to say the least and IMHO will be the toughest part in finishing this design.
Those familiar with racing designs will notice this one has its own mid ship water tight compartment for the keel and its canting hydraulics ( which were not to be seen ) to sit in and does not share the common saloon interior..

This does split the ship in two separate sections..much like a few Bill Garden designed boats....but a definite plus for hull integrity if something were to go awry with the keel...The keel box could basically flood and not affect the safety of the ship from a sinking standpoint.

The sticks seem short for the boat being Keel stepped as they are barley longer then the hull itself and it might be beneficial to deck step them to gain some aspect ratio.

All and all this is one of the finest hulls and decks I have ever seen for a home built...although I did not venture into the craft without having permission and I could not peer into the main salon due to it being locked up.

The plumb bow and the hulls forward sections of entry look exceedingly fine and I wish my boat had it...The stern is canoe and plumb as well.

I tip my hat to this gentleman and what he has accomplished so far.

Whomever is chosen to receive this craft will be handed down some fine craftsmanship..but will also be handed down a boat load of unknowns to deal with as well.

My feeling is if this boat would have not had the complexity of the canting keel it would have been completed long ago..If it were not for that I believe one person could have a sail-a-ble boat within a year of steady work or 2000 man hours however you went about that...All guesses are off with the canting keel as I know little about them and I saw little of the mechanics on site to make it come together.

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