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You appear to be overlooking some additional cost such as a BVI license to charter as an individual and the time it takes to obtain one...if you can get one. BVI has lots of restrictions on foreigners making money in the BVI even if you are considering to do it "from" home it would be earned from an asset in BVI displacing another BVI tax paying operator.

You could potentially consider flying under the radar which would be a very bad option as on this rather small island every one know something about everyone particularly if it is involved in the tourist trade.... you would be ratted out in a heart beat and the impact could be massive. Do a search on illegal charter operations in BVI for a few scary items to consider.

You may be better off considering USVI with potential fewer, but only marginally fewer hoops you must pass through and a smaller charter crowed.

The additional local people you would need to support the activity locally would cost you more than you would think.

If you want to put the boat into charter, using an existing company would be more economically viable but few will accept older boat or boat types not already in the fleet.

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