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Another thing... there are skegs and then there are skegs.

Some are bolted/added to the hull essentially after-the-fact and while they ostensibly protect the leading edge of the blade, the skegs themselves are not particularly robust and may themselves break if struck. Now you've suddenly got a "spade" rudder with a loose chunk slamming about it's leading edge.

In other cases where the skeg is molded in and substantial in area, this is obviously less of a structural issue - but in many cases the skeg is not full depth to accommodate a balancing tab to avoid heavy helm forces.. And that can be a handy slot for a lobster trap line unless properly executed.

But in the end, for me, and I suspect for most of the coastal sailors around, the added maneuverability, esp in reverse, is what tips the scale in favour of the spade.


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