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Cal 22 sails

I have owned a Cal22 for about 15 years. I have had had sails made, but if you want a low cost way to get pretty good sails, you can use a J22 main. Used J22 mains are readily available in condition ranging from nearly near (one or two regattas on them) to real beaters. If there are any J22 sailors in your area, just ask around and you will find plenty of mainsails. You may find a J22 genoa, but these are rare. The J22 was originally sold with pulpits and 150% genoa gear. I added jib tracks to the cabin top of my Cal 22 so I could sail with a working jib. If you do this, you can use J22 jibs too. I haven't tried a J22 kite yet, but I plan on it. I have a lot of information about the design and history of this boat if you are interested. I have also made a number of modifications to the boat:
- took off the transom traveler and replaced it with a traveler spanning the cockpit. this is really great for sailing, but it does mess up the large cockpit. I usually single hand the boat, so it is a good change for me.
- added cabin top jib tracks and I usually sail with a 110% working jib
- rebuilt the gooseneck using a block of stainless
- rebuilt the outhaul
- added a solid vang
- removed the cruising design furler, may be interested in putting a Harken furler on later
- added a backstay adjuster which pulls down on the split backstay
- faired the keel (the factory didn't do a very good job with this)
- Considering a higher aspect ratio rudder. The monster the boat came with is, well.. a monster.
- added spinnaker gear

I will post some history next
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