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As a former professional cook, my best advice is to cook ahead and freeze. A moving boat is no time for creativity and presentation. The next to consider is shelf life: which veg or fruit will go bad fastest and use that first (hint lettuce and salad veg). Plan soups last with the long lasting carrots, celery, squash, etc. I keep lots of healthy snacks onboard: granola, B&J, raisins, crackers and cookies; sometimes it is just to rocky to cook.

Let us know how your trip goes! Good luck, Sanderling[/QUOTE]
is alll good to be a former professional rocky to cook?? ye donot reside aboard do ye?? ye has access to fridge and such in a land based operation. nopt all of us are as wealthy insofar as material goods is concerned--i choose not to have a house on land. i have a 41 ft dedicated cruising boat.
freezing stuff is all good if ye has a fridge on board that works.and if you are not a live aboard sailor...LOL... many who cruise do not have refrigeration..many do---i choose not real about cruising on a budget..LOL....finger foods are great--but they arent a regular diet. the challenge is being on boatrd 24/7/365 and providing nutrition to all on board in a variety of ways. isnt like cooking at home but isnt camping out either. the potholders that come with many marine stoves do a decent job of holding the pots and pans on a stove. if one can cook in 30 ft rollers or in the gulf of mexico in a storm, then one is a good everyone worries about presentation while cooking at sea LOL--i just have concern as to whether it gets into the bowl that is going to be used to hold the foods that are eaten ..LOL
must be nice to have a house AND a boat--but isnt my prefer to be at sea rather than stuck in a dock or at home in a land based prison called a house. yes i am experienced at this!!!! i just choose not to write about it instead of experiencing takes time away from actual sailing time.
we have anchored in brisk winds(*30 kts) with only one anchor--a 35 cqr, in a 37 ft sloop without problem--second anchor? no....not needed during these for us..some will need some will not need. depends on your choice of ground tackle and what you personally consider comfort.
in port of san diego in the alleged cruisers anchorage, 2 anchors were almost a necessity to keep from dragging into rocks at 0300. wind gets to be around 90 mph at times and the seas in that particular anchorage are very rough--can be 3-4 ft in height depending on wind direction. if from south---hold on--lol...have fun. be safe--if the little voice in your head says second anchor--then do it. if it is quiet in there--yer prolly your boat and trust the little voice that nags during a storm or other situation. is same as reefing before the big wind knocks ye down......

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