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Wow! Sorry I missed this.

What works for an arrangement? Well, everyone does need their own space. We were able to seperate the V-berth and our two boys sleep sto each side of a board.

For us, we needed as parents, a place that was our own and that we could escape to. A place where we could go and get away and sit up and read or talk outside of the salon. As such, I really think two staterooms is critical.

many of the Tayana 37's have a open quarter berth just behind the nav station. That would not work for us. After teh kids go down, we might want to sit up and watch a movie or enjoy a glass of wine, etc. Some of the T37s do have a seperate SR - but I would venture to say that most do not.

ANother option if you like that type of boat would be a Tayana Vancouver 42. THat is what my parents ended up buying. It has the warmth of a 37, but two seperate SR's and a LOT of storage.

That brings me to the next thing: storage. WIth kids, your storage needs will over double. Wehtehr it be dolls, stuffed animals, board games, legos, matchbox cars, etc... you have to find a place for all of that stuff. THat eats up a lot of cabinetry. Be thoughtful of where and how you could store all the things that kids need.

Regarding your parrot, if you plan to leave US waters, you might reconsider that idea. I owned a parrot too. It is one of the most highly trafficed (illegal) items of any 'animal'. The amount of red tape to move a parrot in/out of foreign countries (and actually return to the US) was too much for us. Anyways, you may know better about that than me... but that was my first hand experience. We ended up finding ours another homen which was probably the best thing for all involved. Sorry... just make sure you speak to a vet about that and research what countries you might visit before determining that you will bring your parrot.

Good luck with it all. Let me know if you have any questions. And yes, for us, living aboard with kids has been wonderful. We really enjoy it and the places we can go and see together that other families never get the chance to do. Takes the right attitude though, and I would suggest doing it earlier rather than later.

ALl the best,

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