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What about using butyl tape on the chain plates that previously had silicon chalk? I tried removing as much of the chalk as possible, but the butyl tape still doesn't seem to want to stick the that chain plates themselves or the covers that screw on. Is there a trick from getting the adhesive action of the tape to work with previously siliconed metal, or should I not worry and just bolt them down?
Soften up and clean off the silicon with "Maring Formula" by DeBond Corp and wipe clean with acetone or some other solvent that will not leave any residue behind. Then get Sikaflex 210T Primer. Apply primer to the metal as the directions say. No more problems with butyl tape sticking to any metal.

What I do to keep 4200, 5200 or any other sealant that uses moisture to cure, I remove the plastic point and clean off the tip down a little then incert a button head screw that the head is the same size as the tip. Now for the secret part, I go out and buy a container of "RedCaps". The container looks and is almost the size of a can of chewing tobacco. The red caps are rubber and look like mini condoms. They go over the tip of the adhesive. It will keep out all moisture. They are designed to go over the plastic tip and pull down, hence the condom look. But I've found that it doesn't keep the adhesive long that way. The way I described on doing it I have used a tube of 5200 for over 3 months and still flow out the tube. Just my 2 cents worth.
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