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Rusty, if you try to do things quickly and casually you will wind up screwing yourself.

Before you leave Oz, find out what papers you will need to import the boat and flag/title/register it, whatever you intend to do with it. Make sure you get those exact papers before you leave Florida, and make sure the seller (or broker or agent whoever you deal with) KNOWS exactly what you need, before you even leave Oz.

In the US "deregistering" a boat (or car, they are both usually treated as "motor vehicles") is unusual. The last owner registered the boat in his name, when you buy it you don't "deregister" it, you simply make your own new arrangements. The TITLE is what is important, not necessarily the registration.

You will need a proper TITLE to the boat, and you will need a "Satisfaction of mortgage" or "satisfaction of lien" to prove the previous lien(s) on the vessel have been paid off. Again, find one exactly what Oz will want, and make sure there is no misunderstanding about the papers you will need. You may need to have some of them "notarized" as well, again, find out what Oz wants and if there's any question about the papers--you don't hand over payment and complete the sale without them.

Most US state and federal offices have been closed here today (July 5th) for the 4th of July holiday weekend and will reopen tomorrow. If you need to spend an hour of international calling time to get answers on the phone--that's still going to be cheaper than going home without a boat, or rebooking your flight home. Skype or Google Voice both offer dirt cheap international calling if you don't have arrangements already made.

Get the facts direct from the right offices at both ends.
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