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Okay, I may have to call BS on Jeff. Here's an article I was turned onto at SailingWorld by a really cool dude that was banned here:

Harder Hiking for Better Results

And here's a section that basically says I'm a freakin' genius:

Many people overlook the importance of hiking when a boat is almost flat; however, this, we discovered, is when the hiking action is most effective. As heel increases, a smaller percentage of a sailor's weight is directed perpendicular to the lever arm, which decreases the sailor's effect on the boat's righting moment. In other words, it may be more effective to depower the sails to flatten the boat than to have the entire crew exhausting themselves.
So, Jeff, I think you need to duke it out with John Loe And Val Smith. I'll hold your jacket while you work your abacus. Heh-heh.

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