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Pappy and I replied at the same time -- the wood-glue-on-the-ends thing is to keep freshly cut, wet wood from splitting at the ends as it dries out. For steaming I'd think you'd want those ends open to soak in as much of the heat/moisture as you can. Another trick I learned from my wood shop mentor --- small pieces can be steam bent by soaking them in a bucket of water then microwaving them. Seriously. When soaking them sit a rock on them or something so they stay underwater for a day or so. Then pull them out and nuke. Play with the timing and power to get even heating, but it works great on small stuff.

Looks like Denise started a woodworking forum right here -- I'd love to learn more tricks like the one she shared. With the number of wooden boats and wood parts on boats I'm surprised there isn't more of this stuff here!

And Omaho, I was jealous of you for a minute then I felt better when I realized it's probably -10 degrees up there. It's a balmy 13 here.

I got a hold of some teak and made new hatch rails -- that stuff is wonderful. It's so oily it machines like plastic and didn't require sanding.

Keep the expenses low and the good times high.

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