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othomas3, First off let me say that you will get more help from more sources if you post directly into the forum with a new thread. But as long as you are here let me try to shed some light, or at least my experience on the two problems you have described. At least I think they are two separate problems.
The first is the difficulty of raising the mast. I suspect that is one of the primary reasons for the short production run of this "trailerable" boat. As I do a lot of solo sailing I have to raise the mast of my boats by myself. I mostly sail a Hobie16 which i trailer every time I sail. The masts are about the same height but I have no trouble stepping the Hobie mast. The Cal is a different story altogether. I decided I would have to rig a gin pole and bridle if i ever wanted to step the Cal21 mast by myself. Here is one man's design: Mast Raising System

The second problem of the forestay( I assume you are speaking of the forestay) not reaching the bow is impossible to help with unless more info is offered by you. Was the mast verticle? Was a shroud or backstay or anything else caught on something? Is the backstay positioned properly on the mast? Is it the correct forestay? Is the forestay positioned right?

The Cal21 will be an interesting boat to learn to sail on. I am of a mind that it is quite tender and perhaps a bit overpowered for a first time sailboat. I have sailed a 13 tonner(very solid in big winds) and a Hobie16 which will have you swimming in a second if you do not stay on top of it. Send pics of the short jibstay problem if you can. Might be able to spot problem. According to the specs the headstay(forestay to me) should be 23' 6 1/4" long. Good luck, rip
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