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Originally Posted by dabnis View Post
Right!!, first things first. If you can't find any fuses check with a meter to make sure you are getting 12 volts at the input terminal of the solenoid and at the terminal coming from the start key with the key on. Even though you may see 12 volts at the input terminal of the solenoid, dirty or loose connections anywhere could keep the starter from turning over. If you are getting current to the solenoid it should at least click? No sound may mean there is nothing reaching the solenoid. Still can't see any connection between the prop wrap and no juice to the starter or the starter failing? Maybe if the motor torqued excessively it may have stressed the starter cable connection?
However, I think that is a stretch.

Me too!

I plow snow for a business, I find that solenoids are always just suddenly dieing. I always check the solenoid/contactor first, often by just bypassing it. I also clean the ground connections. My trucks have at least one on the stater, one on the electric plow motor, one on the sander, one on the dump, and probably others I can't think of right now after a long summer. I keep spares on hand, and expect them to fail. They can be sensitive to physical shock.

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