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Trailerable lake boat

Hello everyone;
For some time now I have been haunting the forums, exploring old leads and messages, trying to learn more indepth of what I am looking for as I can't find or think of everything. So here goes.
Leisure sailing on mountain likes in Washington, Idaho, Montana, from 100 acres on up to the size of Ponderay in north Idaho or Flathead in Montana. Typical winds are from 8 mph to 15/18 mph in a day when you factor in the heat sinks and surrounding mountains, typical gusts up to 20/25 with higher at times. If you know mountain lakes then you know what I mean.
1. Shallow draft, under 16 inches, prefer no keel/skeg for ease of beaching at times.
2. Long cockpit, minimum of 6 feet 6 inches
3. Good cockpit storage
4. Swing rudder
5. Swing keel
6. Small cabin but capable of sleeping in with remodel of v berth, 4 min. headroom? yes I know, difficult.
7. Porta potti room
8. Fairly dry sailing
9. Self draining cockpit
10. No need for a sink or stove
11. Tabernacle mounted mast
12. Dry sailing
13. Flotation material built in
14. Good initial stability
15. Self righting
16. Fairly close to wind sailing
17. Listed empty weight of under 2,000
18. 16-20 feet, preference is 18-19 feet
19. Good resale value
20. Lets put a max price of $3,500 on it.

I have limited the length as I have found in the past that even though a 22 foot O'day or Catalina is trailerable, it is a pain, taking 30-60 minutes by myself to put rigging up then down again, ended up putting it in a slip to use it more, so might as well have bought a 25 footer or longer then. I do not plan on racing it, more of leisurely sailing, 6-10 times a year singlehanded. I don't want a dog but I am not in need of a greyhound either.

What comes to my mind first is an O'day mariner 2+2, I suppose I have based most boats on that one, though have not seen one yet as the closest one is over 500 miles away that I know of.
There is a 20' Windrose (Laguna) for sale local I will look at this weekend, but so little information on the web about them.
Yes, I have thought of a SJ 21, don't care for the looks of the Mk I, but they are holding their prices around here, up to 3-4K. the O'day 192 and 20' aren't bad, but I really dont like the skegs as they may dig into the bottom if trying to beach. Thought of the WWP 19, but hear they are a little wet, slow, imho a little ugly and the price of one local is 5k.
Repairs don't bother me, I have recored boats before to where no one ever knew.

Thoughts, debates?
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