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Ok, a real-life examples:

Previous voyage looks like it was from Canada to USA, then this upcoming voyage looks like USA to the Caribbean.

The post requests crew, and reads like a routine crew post but then finishes up with a daily rate. If you read further into the linked website, it appears they are encouraging 'crew' to join for the adventure and sets down a price.

I'm curious to know what licences he would need to A) be allowed to pick up crew/passengers in Canada. B) if he needs the USCG licence for the "crew" or "passenger" situation and C) What happens once he is beyond USA waters? Do the USCG rules still apply? Perhaps the latter is a moot point.

As a Canadian, I would find it hard to believe that I could go to the USA with whatever licence I may have from Canada, pick up passengers and sail away... I would think the foreign country might have something to say about that. So therefore, I would think it's logical to assume that both home country and foreign country rules must apply. ... I can't find a single link to back up my intuition. And this is why I ask the question.

For the record, I don't know this fellow and wish him no ill-will and best of luck on his voyages. It was just the example that got me thinking about this question.

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