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Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
I stand corrected that not all C&C 110 have the carbon fiber masts as that was only the PERFERRED option available at the time. Even though the one you see for sale does not, most of my firneds who own 110 or 115 including many in my C&C sailing club have the carbon fiber mast.

In terms of PHRF ratings I will stand by what I posted as I am using the PHRF determined by USPHRF Affiliated Fleets not the local or egional PHRF ratings of your area which can be greatly skewed by a few non skilled racers if there are not many of the type of sailboat ranked. The ratings I quoted are by the United States Sailing association, the sanctioning body for the regional associations which use a broader spectrum that the regional associations. That being said as Mid stated they are very close performance wise. In my small amount of racing on the Chessapeake the C&C 110 or 115 do not take a back seat to many and certainly none of the Bennetaus of comparable size and PHRF ratings. I beleive yhe hardware on the C&C us a small amunt superior.

Here is the link in case anyone ever wants to check their PHRF ratings

Mid...I agree the cruising amenities are nicer on the 110 vs the 367 Bene First. The reason I would not look at the newer C&C is the quality control problems they have had since joining up with Tartan as well as their warrenty issues. I love the older ones ( obviously) just as I liked the older tartans ( pre 1998). When they both went to the epoxy process there were structural issues well documented along with a number of lawsuits which we are not allowed to discuss here on Sailnet which caused many reputable Sailnet members to leave this forum.

Yeah, Tartan certainly hurt themselves pretty badly with the way they handled at least that one problematic boat and perhaps others as well. I haven't heard of the same kinds of issues with C&C's despite the common ownership.

I do hope the current Tartan/C&C ownership is able to repair their reputation and return to turning out quality boats.

I too love the older Tartans (almost bought a 37, crewed on, and would love to own a 40) . Although I like the looks of the new ones, they would not be on my post lottery shopping list, mainly due to what I consider funky interiors (even if we ignore the possiblity of quality issues).

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