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Originally Posted by HeartsContent View Post
Hmmm, the manuals for these toilets specifically warn not to dump in food gardens due to potential bacterial contamination.

The research that you quoted outlines very specific conditions required to make the poo safe. It's not likely that many will meet these requirements.

It's amazing that you can just filter out the material that doesn't work for you.

It's sad that you have no regard for the larger community around you and feel the world is your toilet. It's the few bad apples like this that cast a bad light on all boaters. All it's going to take is for this to impact one person and a whole new public crusade against boaters, cruising and anchoring will ignite.

As a modern society we have achieved processed sewage systems so that waste does not have to be dumped in the public domain.
Actually Knothead, I think he's a Troll, in which case I shouldn't feed him, but on the other hand, he could be sub-IQ. He is a Mcgregor "sailor" after all. so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and respond.

HeartsContent, I want you to raise your left hand and repeat after me:
"Don't eat the poo."

Got it?


I'm glad you brought up the point about a city's sanitation system being essential to keeping people from getting sick. Part of a city's sanitation system is their garbage collection. If one uses the Nature's head as recommended in the manual (as I do) you will put the poo in a garbage bag and put it in the trash. At this point it enters the sanitation system and stays separate from food and thus. The poo is not eaten. Nobody gets sick. Diapers, cat litter and rotting food (which will all make you sick if you eat them) go in the trash, and the refuse from my toilet is not different. It's actually a whole lot like cat litter, just without the toxoplasmosis (I hope).

There is nothing selective going on here about the filtering of information. Nobody is going to get sick from my boat toilet poo, because nobody is going to eat my poo. Cholera and epidemics of the third world etc happen when poo gets in the drinking water. Nobody is going to drink my poo either. It is going to safely rot/compost away in a land fill next to the diapers, cat poo, and salmonella-covered Thanksgiving turkey. Improper hand washing after touching a poo-covered butt with only thin paper as prophylaxis is a health threat not poo/dirt in a garbage bin or land fill.


PS I secretly like McGregors. I think they're a very innovative sailboat design and I have a lot of respect for McGregor making them unsinkable.

I have a sauna on my boat, therefore I win.
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