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The Bears two cents:...
I would hate to count the many cities and towns that are empting incompletly processed sewage into creeks and rivers in this country. Terseary threatment of raw sewage is the law in every state that outputs it's processed sewage in public waters but the systems have not been upgraded because of costs and limited action by inspection officals. Don't tell me how wonderful modern sewage systems are when we have to stop the consumtion of fish is certain waters because of industrial polution, place warning signs of polution on ocean beaches, we have much bigger problems than my placeing a garbage bag of partially processed humature into a special compost pile in my back yard maybe one or twice a year.
My dogs and cat poo go into a compost pile in the back yard and belive me they are great contriputors. This is my second such pile, the first is now over five years old. It is a bin 4' x 4' x 4' high. It is lined with plastic around the sides and fork turned about once a month. I add grass clippings to it two to three times a month as the yard produces. The product of the first bin is now being added to my flower beds, not my garden, and the results have been extreamly beautiful. My neighbors did not even know that the piles existed until I showed them when they wanted to know how I kept my flowers looking so great.
When you bring up the bacterial contamination in third world nations and in cities, you are not talking about properly composted product but raw sewage! Yes in the streets, in ditches along the side of roads. Yes, because these people do not have even the vagest degree of sanitation systems. Many of their cities, villages, have nothing that you or I would consider an even primitave system. And yes I avoid these areas when every I can, and my WHO card is over an inch thick.
Think about this, I can remember when out in the woods you could fill your canteen from a swift running creek and never think about it. The woods were thick with animals and birds and I'm sure they didn't pay any attention as to where or how much they pooped. Nature took care of it and everything worked. Now I filter my water from the tap that comes from my water company. We sell bottles of water so you can not have to drink from a fountain. Did I miss something?
Composting is a natural thing, mother earth has been doing it for longer than humans have been screwing up this world. Is it for every condition? NO! Does it need to be done correctly? Yes! Does it work when done correctly? Definately! Is a admittaly partial composting toilet a vivable solution? In certain cases, IF the rules are followed.
I shall now dismount my soap box and duck.
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