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Originally Posted by ewoden View Post
So I have reached 52 and in celebration, like a kid rushing down to the family room on Christmas morning ready to tear into the boxes containing my Red Ryder BB gun and HotWheel cars, I scampered down to the utility room to investigate day one progress on the newly constucted experimental composting, er modlering, head. I'm a dedicated scientist so I even skipped morning coffee and toast to rush to my, er, 5-gallon petri dish.

I was greeted at the door to the utility room by Chester the wonderdog, tail wagging, head down as if to say "Whatever you encounter on the other side of this door, I DIDN'T DO IT!!!" Reassuring the dog and convincing myself that canines can hear and smell things far beyond the capabilities of mortal men, I entered the room. I was careful to hold my breath until door was closed behind me. Hey if it is gonna stink, I need to know how bad it gets without dilution, cuz that's how it will be on the boat. Opening one eye, carefully, nope no obvious color change to the ambient air:-) No change in lacrimation in said eye:-) Both eyes open, nope no congregation of household vermine around the subject apparatus :-)

There, on the floor in all of its low tech glory sat my experimental head. The vent fan was purring away, producing a slight ripple to the cardbord vent port, proof of its succcessful aeration. I take a tentative sniff of the surrounding air...nothing. I step to directly above the machine, tentative sniff....nothing. I lowered the face to a foot from the exit vent. I feel the cool breeze of the system in action upon my unshaven cheek. Sniff, wait the slight odor of.....sawdust. Eureka!!!!!!!!!

So one "man-unit" of waste and 12 hours of operation later with no detectable unpleasantry. Tonight torture test one...curry at luchtime!!!!
Now that's what I call SCIENCE!

Keep us posted. We eagerly await...
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