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Originally Posted by ewoden View Post
Dust from my power miter saw. It consists of some unknown species of pine and a wee bit of red oak, both kiln dried.

I have a bag of potting soil and one of some cat litter made from wheat gluten or some such to try next.

Personally opposed to peat moss use baauseI know where that comes from and how it is mined. Some very memorable experiences come from peat bog exploration so I hate to see them dug up.
From my experience I have discovered a couple of things about cover material that I would like to share.
I'm using sawdust also, but I've found that it's important for it to be slightly moist. It blocks the odor much better. I also take the time to mix in about 1/4 by volume of biochar. It's my personal opinion that the charcoal helps absorb odor. Remember, my system does not use a fan at all but is a simple bucket emptied once a week. I can't really prove the biochar helps with the odor since there is none, but at the very least it is a valuable additive for the finished compost.
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