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Originally Posted by pdqaltair View Post
I've used this computer fan in the head and also in a compost/biofilter system on some pet cages. It should last ~ 2 years continuous duty in this humidity.
Sail Delmarva: "A Bathroom Fan": or "No Blog Could be Complete Without a Tale of Head Repairs"

Solar vents would certainly work, but $$$.... In my case, I already have enough panels. Screen the outlet for

Part of my interest in composting heads comes from my interest in biofilters for odors, some processing several thousand cfm of wastewater, refinery, or sanitary stink. I've built many. It is simple to build an animal cage, for example, where anything that misses litter boxes falls through and composts, and all of the cage air, along with the sanitary stink, is drawn through a 3- to 6-inch mulch bed, which eats the odor. I believe that is the effect we are actually seeing in some of these "composting heads." We are not really composting the waste, but we are cleaning the stick through biofiltration.
Speaking of biofilters. I built a Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) waste water treatment plant for a 300 unit assisted living community in Maryland about 5 years ago. We have drum screen at the front end in a separate room which stinks unbelievably bad. Our rep in the are suggested pulling the air used for aeration of the bioreactor from the screen room, lowering it's pressure and pulling air in instead of allowing the smell out. The smelly air gets bubbled up through the bioreactor and at the top there is a very slight yeasty smell which we exhaust out of the building through a vent pipe.

After the plant had been running for a couple of months we hosted a luncheon for about 100 wastewater professionals right inside the operating plant, next to the waste tanks! One guy stood up and said in 30 years of working in the industry he had never eaten his lunch in a wastewater plant, let alone serve lunch to 100 people there! Everyone was really impressed with how well this worked. In every other plant I have been in the smell control systems simply don't work, or else cost tons of money to operate.

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