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It being commercial software, the likelihood of being able to do much of anything with the application beyond just using it as provided is slim. MX Mariner is pretty much a take it or leave it purchase... and given it's lack of Aussie waters coverage, it's looking like a "leave it" to me.

I actually write mapping software for a living, so rendering vector and raster maps in a variety of map projections is something I can whip up in a matter of hours from existing code. As is reading a basic NMEA feed for GPS data. From what I can see of MX Mariner - that's what they've done whilst making it easy to obtain raster charts & overlay waypoints onscreen. Converting the in-car mapping apps we already sell into something similar would take me maybe a week of work given access to the raster charts. Trust me, it's something I looked into before discovering how expensive it is to license marine data for sale here in Australia.

OpenCPN is a far better and more complex beast. It's not just rendering raster charts, it rendering multiple custom raster charts of differing detail level on the screen at the same time, the ability to read & display a large number of vector formats with customised display options, AIS integration & monitoring, automatic anchorage marking, the ability to set anchor alarms, etc.

Honestly, I think it is such a complex beast, the chances of it being usable in Android are slim to none (Android pretty much forces all but OpenGL display code to be written in Java - which OpenCPN is not) - but if/when I get the time, I will be seeing how much effort it would require to get something working from the codebase. It's been a while since I contributed to a sizable open-source project and this one tickles my fancy.
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