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Our California cousins bought a ranch in Sonoma that had a 120 year old farmhouse as the main house. After they moved in some neigbours came by and at some point said, "you know you have bats don't you?" Needless to say, they DIDN'T know but weren't worried about a few bats in their attic - it was unvented and they didn't think it would be much of a problem.

No problem that is, until WE arrived! We were having dinner outside at dusk and the bats started leaving in ones & two's & fives - this just kept going for 45 minutes. While my wife & I enjoyed it, their faces kept getting longer and longer until I pointed out the complete lack of bugs, despite the fact they were living just above the high water mark of a floodplain in an agro area. We should have been getting eaten alive but there were NO bugs at all.

They finally called in the "Bat Man" from the agro department and got them out and moved into one of the barns. Turned out there were hundreds of the little buggers living in their attic. They only had one little hole about 3/4" as their doorway so they must have been lined up like a theatre line to get out.

If you live in an area that has the little critters you should do everything you can to encourage them - they make an amazing difference.

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