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Originally Posted by jackdale View Post
Rather using pins and the sailplan simply find the centre of the sail by drawing lines from the tack to the centre of the leech, the head to the centre of the foot and the clew to the centre of the luff. Do that for each sail. Then use some math to find the combined CE using the area of each sail.
The "some math" Jack refers to is as follows;

Use his method to find the centre of each sail. Draw a line between the two centres. Determine what percentage of the total sail area each sail makes up.
Find that point on the line between the two centres.

For example, if the main and jib each are 50% of the total sail area, the CE will be at the centre of the line. If the jib is 60% and the main 40% then the CE will be 40% of the line aft of the jib centre.

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