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Originally Posted by RichH View Post
It all depends on the definition of slavery. Functionally when you are forced to turn over to other more than you keep for yourself, thats slavery and whether your turn over the bulk of you income to a 'master' or a bureaucrat ... the endpoint is the same: you ARE a slave/serf & no matter what you call 'the master'.
Scandinavia is no utopia as Norway requires essentially 90% of ones income in 'taxes', Sweden & Finland about 75%, Germany & France well over 60-65% ... and with those paying 'their fair share' have very little influence or control over the bureaucrats who 'manage' all their affairs. ... and yes in the mega-blue states of the US when you count up ALL the insidious forms of wealth extraction from individuals, its now about 60+% of income thats paid to 'some form of government' ... always of course euphemistically named as 'fair share', just not every YOUR fair share'.
Where do you get your "facts" dude? Glen Beck?

Lets just fact check one, okay?

Top tax rate in Norway is 48%. Take that from the uh, liberals, at the Heritage Foundation: Norway Economy: Facts, Data, & Analysis on Economic Freedom. Among the government control of their lives those poor enslaved scandanavians are sufferring include 46 weeks maternity / paternity leave (so they can enslave their newborns unlike the daycare freedom we provide our infants) Norway: Getting Paid for Parenting - US News and World Report ; 35 hour work week and 25 days paid vacation Countries With the Most Vacation Time - MainStreet (I do hear you can get whipped by Helga on your time off if that's your thang . . .); Wanna hear about their higher education system? Universal healthcare benefits (surely killing them with inferior care -- oh but what is their age expectance? infant mortality rate?) ****in facts get in the way . . ..

Cites dude, cites. It'll ease some of the pressure in your head. Now, go back to talking boats (where I've enjoyed a number of your posts in the past).

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