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Originally Posted by nolatom View Post
this is all too tongue-in-cheek for me.

Aside from coastal and harbor passages which can be handled with a tow, what benefit is a motor to a long nonstop passage? No 30-footer can carry enough fuel to make it a real factor in the sea passage itself.

So therefore what's the big deal about ballyhooing the "engineless" part of this proposed trip?
Seems to me, he'll likely be giving a lot of those beautiful Pacific atolls a miss, without an engine...

He'll need a lot of things running in his favor, negotiating some of those reef passes engineless... And, with winds in excess of 15-20 knots for days at a time, many passes will NEVER see a period of slack tide, water will just be pouring out of those passes 24 hours a day...

It's certainly been done, but I sure wouldn't want to sail through an area like the Tuomotus, singlehanded, without an engine...
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