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You really are funny!!
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Originally Posted by bljones View Post
I just like the word "donk." Without a donk onboard one does not have the opportunity to sound all weathered and crusty and Chopper-esque, uttering phrases like "best fire up the donk, yeah?", "Hey, we need another gerry of petrol for the donk, yeah?" and my favourite, "hear the clunk in the donk ya wonk? More like a clonk than a clunk, run along, ding-dong!"
Great, now I've got a bad 50s white-boy doo-*** song stuck in my head.
An American Donk..

Sorry, you mentioned a donk and a car..

Anyway, should the motorless sailor view the opinions of the motored as self righteous? Seems kind of one way

I believe the motored folks out shout the non motored by leaps and bounds over their beliefs and ideology..

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