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Really engineless/

Originally Posted by rbrasi View Post
The Argonaut: Nautical News

This guy is my neighbor in Marina Del Rey. I will be escorting him out on March 4th in my Cal 2-30.
It's been highly educational watching him modify his boat to prepare for this sail. You can see a video of him here:

Note: the article incorrectly states that he will sail north to 12 degrees.

Unfortunately I could not see the video so please forgive me if this is a stupid question.

Is the boat that gave him a tow also engineless? It seems that there is a very fine distinction between an inboard engine, an outboard engine and a "way outboard" engine. If he is being towed by another engineless boat then why not give credit to the tow boat which is doing something even more incredible. If he is using an engine through a "flexible coupling" (aka tow line) then the engineless claim is a bit like the "breatharian" who claimed not to eat but had intravenous nutrients because otherwise he would have gotten really sick.

I am all for doing things in the name of charity but would it be just as "true to the spirit" to have the safety back up and put a seal on the engine key that could be shown unbroken at the other end?
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