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You really are funny!!
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Originally Posted by Telesail View Post
Let's add to the list those pesky farmers who have gone and got us addicted to Good quality affordable food, tech companies that have got us addicted to the Internet and other forms of low cost communication etc.

The notion that oil companies have enslaved us by reducing the cost of energy in real terms for most of 150+ years as part of some evil plot is just as ridiculous. Without the energy they provide, billions of the world's population would have starved or never been born. If we shut down the oil industry tomorrow, billions would certainly starve because agriculture would fall apart.

Perhaps you could tell me which billion you would choose to starve in order to allow you to shake off the shackles of oppression.

Sorry, chrisncate, this is not aimed at you personally as I know your comment was intended as tongue in cheek. But yours was just the latest example of this pervasive attitude that it is ok to bash the oil companies with cheap shots because it as a victimless crime..........
Lol, ok - the only choice is what have, and have had, regarding oil companies - or it's back to the stone age... and nothing else is even conceivable, got it. Talk about death btw? How much death do you think has already been wrought upon the earth by oil companies? Come on now..

You really ought to check out some other sources (Greg Pallast has a good book out right now) about what oils companies really are, and what they and have done to this planet. It doesn't matter anyway, no one is going to change minds here, me or you..

Pbeezer - I commented on it after the fact that every other cliche' about motorless had been brought up already (finishing up with the insurability question). Sometimes I really wonder how we got from where we once were as Americans to the point where we can't poop without insurance or a host of other safety nets. Don't worry, it's not a commentary on you or anyone personally, sometimes I just mouth off about our ankle chains (I'll try not to upset the other drones with my insolence anymore)
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