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Originally Posted by chrisncate View Post
.......You really ought to check out some other sources (Greg Pallast has a good book out right now) about what oils companies really are, and what they and have done to this planet. It doesn't matter anyway, no one is going to change minds here, me or you......
Thanks for the reference. Would that be Greg Palast, the peak oil prophet for whom rising global oil supply is an inconvenient truth, the Greg Palast who has proof that the 2000 election was stolen in Florida and the same Greg Palast that says that the Exxon Valdez disaster was caused by Exxon not fixing the radar to save money....?

You are right. Citing conspiracy theorists probably won't persuade me and if you find those folks authoritative then you will not be persuaded.

Let's assume you are right and that the oil industry has killed 100 million people (to the nearest 100 million equal to roughly the number of people killed in all the wars ever), please tell me who are the billion plus that you would decide to kill in order to throw off your shackles?
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