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Re: CT Shore Marinas

Originally Posted by mstern View Post
Aha, I didn't know you wanted the NL area. If you really want a do-it-yourself place, you should look into yacht clubs. Many can't afford or don't want professional services. Have you thought about joining the Shennecosset Yacht Club? They are in Groton, right next to the Avery Point UConn campus. I don't know their membership rules, but if they are like the yacht clubs I know, they could use new members. I bought my boat from a guy there, so I am vaguely familiar with the facility. It seemed nice, but not at all fancy. I recall that the club itself had no repair or maintenance facilities, so it must be a do-it-yourself place. Right next door is Pine Island Marina. I was there once, and they seemed to be a more full service place, but maybe they allow do-it-yourself work too. I do know that the Brewer's chain of marinas (which includes the aforementioned Pilot's Point) has been moving towards requiring that all work done on their premises be done by their employees. I have a friend who keeps his boat at one of their Massachusetts locations, and they won't even let him paint the bottom of his boat. They say it is because of environmental regulations, but it seems more of a forced way to direct business towards their own coffers.
I'll check Shennecosset out now. Thanks!

Originally Posted by jimrafford View Post
The main thing you want to look at is access to the sound. There are lots of marinas up the ct. river but it will take you half the day to get to open sailing. Most docks are going to be in the $90/ft area. There are moorings in westbrook, saybrook, new london, noank and mystic that are less expensive. Most historicly have a waiting list but the current times may be different. The season is aproaching quickly.
Good luck in your quest
Yes there are waiting list for all of those I belive. I'm on Stonington's now, its about 11 years.

Originally Posted by killarney_sailor View Post
Don't know if they have space but we were pleased with Spicer's in Noank when we got hauled. You can do your own work and they have good staff if you need them, Also a marine store on site.
I've heard good things about Spicers. It's a little pricey, but people say its worth the coin.

Originally Posted by billsull View Post
+1 each on JimR and Killarney's posts. Distance to the sound is important. However, so is driving time to the boat, both for convenience each weekend and on the few days per season when weather is threatening and you want to get to the boat quickly to secure something. I keep my boat at Island Cove Marina at Ferry Point in Old Saybrook - easy access from Rte 9 with a relatively short trip to the sound once you're on the boat ~45 mins to an hour depending on the tide and the railroad bridge opening. It's clean, the staff is wonderful and a mooring is $1500 for the season. Another similar option directly across the river from Island Cove is Old Lyme Marina, also a nice place and the mooring field has some of the best protection on the river.

Spicers in Noank is a little longer drive from W. Hartford, but it has direct access to the LI Sound and Fishers Island Sound, not to mention its proximity to Abbott's Lobster in the Rough!
Route 9? PERFECT. This seems more than reasonable. What does haul out cost you? Do you have to unstep? Will definitely look into this.

Originally Posted by rwy36 View Post
I think Midway is pretty far up the river to consider for a sailboat over the summer, you'd spend most of your weekends going up and down the Connecticut River. Midway's a great place to winter-over though, especially if Rt 9 is convenient, and they are OK with most DIY work.

Bill mentioned Old Lyme Marina as one alternative on the CT River. We keep our boat there and it's a nice, small marina with good people and a clean facility. It sounds a little bit more pricey than Island Cove, though - you'd be looking at a little over $2,000 for a summer mooring there (a premium for that sheltered water behind Calves Island!).

Good luck with your search!

I think 2000k is more than reasonable. Will definitely check this out.

Thanks everyone for your responses. I have a lot of homework to do!
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