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Re: Tacking in heavy winds

There are a couple of things that might help, aside from a deeply reefed main to create more balance:
Purposely fall of to a reach/close reach and then head up.
Do not over trim the jib as you come about.
Be sure the jib is starting to generate lift as you trim.
A flat sail in heavy wind is good, an over trimmed sail going upwind just stalls the boat
As the boat stalls the force of the wind against a flat jib is forcing the nose over before it has the chance to generate lift. The farther over the bow goes the more force against the inside of the jib and less/no lift.

In heavy winds with less experienced crew they may be tending to keep everything as tight as possible.

One more; You aren't back winding the jib are you? Some boats might need a little help in light air, but doing it in heavy air can lead to a comedy show.

Are you going hard alee and then trying to correct after you come about? That might also be pushing you too far over as you or your crew flatten the jib to where you think it should be.

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