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Yet another bottom paint question, now featuring picture

Hey folks,

Last week I had my new boat hauled for the first time since purchase. (Yes, I bought a boat without looking at the bottom.) The anti-fouling paint is chipping in several areas, as described in numerous threads here and other forums. I didn't carefully inspect right as they pulled it out of the water, but based on what I saw then compared to what I see now, I believe most of the lost paint is from the pressure washing.

Just using my fingertips, I have removed additional paint from the edges of some of these areas. Eventually I reach firmly adhered paint and I stop. The chipped area in the picture is about 5 inches across.

My main question is, what am I seeing beneath the black anti-fouling paint? It's rough and blue. It doesn't look like gelcoat and it doesn't look like fiberglass weave. I'm hoping it is a roughed-up barrier coat.

Overall, the hull beneath the waterline has the appearance of too much paint built up over time. It looks like prior owners have encountered exactly what I did, and just put two more coats on top. Things are relatively smooth but with bumps and divots here and there. So my second question is, can/should I fill in the worst of these divots with something like Marine Tex? I'm not terribly worried about performance (speed, etc.) My primary concern is properly protecting the hull.

Eventually, maybe next season, I'll probably want to have the hull stripped using something caustic, carcinogenic, and deadly to the surrounding wildlife and my beloved Bay.

Thanks for any advice you can provide. Please preface any bad news with a compliment or other comforting words.

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