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Re: need help making the decision

It all depends on how deep your pockets are, and how much time & energy you are willing to invest to make her right.

Like SJB said it's currently free, so you will be starting out WAAAAY ahead of most new boat owners.

Just remember that there's no such thing as a free boat. If it's been as sadly neglected for as long as you believe, then you are probably going to need to infuse a fair amount of money in the short term.

First and foremost, I'd want to check all items that keep her afloat and/or keep her from sinking. Just because she's made it this far doesn't mean that something won't fail tomorrow.
- Have someone knowledgeable check the keel bolts. This is a pretty important safety item; if the keel comes off, bad things tend to happen.
- Through hulls and seacocks, with any attached hoses (to include hose clamps.).
- Bilge pump.
- Ground tackle (at a minimum the part that's attached to the mooring; preferably your entire set up.)

After that, it's less critical things (i.e., stuff that makes her functional.)
- Spread the sails out and evaluate condition.
- Unless there was a solar or wind power source, then the batteries are likely toast.
- Have the standing rigging checked, to include chain plates if possible.
- Etc, etc, etc.

Also remember that once you own it, you are responsible for it. If it sinks, or breaks free of her mooring, or anything else calamitous you can think of, then you will be expected to correct the situation.
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