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Re: need help making the decision

I'm on your side here but I say don't do it. Just because you want something dosn't mean you need to have it. Save the thousands of dollars that the boat will need and put it into something more manageable. I know your heart is there and I really respect that in you, I wish I had mor drive when I was your age. The problem is with a project like this one heart isnt enough there has to be a wallet to back it up. I've read almost all of your posts because I bought a Mistral 16 just like yours. I know you are interested in cruising which is hard to do an a small boat with no storage.

I think you should spend your money on a boat that better suits your needs at this time. I know the boat is free, but I mean the money you would have to spend to make it useable. There are lots of boats that are under 20 ft that have a great reputation and can be cruised and sailed for much less money.

Look for a Rhodes 19 or Mariner with a keel, a Cape Dory Typhoon, Cal 21, the list can go on and on of pocket cruisers that you could get for a few thousand dollars. Four thousand can get you a darn nice boat.

Gain some experience on a boat you can afford to keep sailing, then when you have gone to college, gotten your dream job, and before you get married, trust me on this one, before you get married, buy your dream boat.
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