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Originally Posted by eryka
I "love" my husband and the liveaboard/cruising/sailing lifestyle. I "like" the boat that gets me there. The boat I'd most "love" is so grotesequely (sp?) out of my price range that buying it would make the rest of the dream impossible. Sometimes you have to settle - pick the features that matter most (you said the boat will meet your needs) and compromise on the rest if necessary. Humans are pretty adaptable creatures and when your boat is away from the sensory overload of all the other features on the surrounding boats you may see it differently.

If nothing else, you said this isn't your forever boat so if you don't "love" it just learn a lot and it'll be easier to part with when the time comes.
eryka..oh you voice of reason....
unless you happen to have an unlimited budget ( none of my circle of friends fall in this group), and can buy even a "previously sailed" boat of your dreams, you have to make a few compromises. that being said, don't buy a boat you hate cuz you can afford it (i mean really, naysmitj was running around on his boat just after he bought her...poor girl...), i really, really like my sabre..i would love a hinckley or a swan...and when i flip through the sailing mags, i stop and imagine...but reality sets in and i know i don't have that kind of i remind myself that my boat is fun..paid for and not quite perfect, but it is mine, and i can still get out there and sail her and enjoy the experience. and as always..sail what you like, and like what you sail...

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