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Re: Help With Offshore Navigation

"Turn on the GPS, plot the intersection of"
And that's exactly why he needs to take a class not ask questions on the net.

Turn on the GPS? With no knowledge about datum choices or other settings? Or any idea of how long the batteries will last? No, turning on the GPS is a bad idea unless one also takes some time to learn how to use it, what the expectable errors may be, AND also that the GPS or the system can and will go down every once in a while.

Ploot a position? gee, how do you do that? With what tools? What charts? Oh, wait, there's that datum error again. And if the GPS is set up for DDD.MMmm while the chart shows DDD.MM.SS, he's gonna be in trouble again no matter how much he plots.

No, it ain't rocket science and yes, it can be booklearned, but when push comes to shove, a couple of BASIC BOATING SAFETY and NAVIGATION classes could mean the difference between a fun trip and "Next stop, Gander, Newfoundland".

Classes are cheap enough!
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