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Re: rod rigging replacement

The one issue with switching to wire as opposed to rod is that you have to have someone re-engineer the rigging size. Rod is lighter, stronger, and has a smaller cross section than the wire that it would replace, as well as being more corrosion resistant. You really need to know what you are doing to get this right.

If I was considering this, I would give Brion Toss a call and ask his opinion on it, and let a real rigger design it for you. Messing around with masts and standing rigging is no place to just guess.

The second option you raise is to switch to dyneema. It is absolutely doable. Give John Franta a call at Colligio Marine about it. You will save massively on weight and increase the strength. Figure a reduction in weight by more than half compared to wire. The cost tends to be about the same as wire the first time, with subsequent rerigs being a fraction of the price.

The down side to dyneema is that the rope will wear out long before wire would typically need replacing. Most wire is pushed to 15-20 years of service, while the dyneema is currently at about 8. The upside though is at 8 years you don't replace the while system, just the rope, the fittings since they are aluminium can be replaced forever. So the rerig at 8 years is more like $200. This is why a lot of new performance boats are switching to Dynex rigging.

Most cruisers seem to think that weight isn't their problem, but it really is. Reducing the weight of a rigging system by more than half can make a huge difference in how the boat sails, as well as how a boat rides at anchor. She will be stiffer, carry less heel, meaning less weather helm, ect.. All for about the price of switching to wire.


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