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Re: rod rigging replacement

I would suggest that if you convert, and eventually sell the boat, you will lose the value of the difference between the two. Plus the buyers will be asking why you removed one of the features C&C's are known for, what was wrong. What else you cheaped out on, perhaps?
It certainly CAN be done, but personally I wouldn't. And while rod can be reheaded, etc., if it is original it is probably time for a whole change. You'd have to have someone who works with rod actually pull the rigging, inspect it, and see if it can be reheaded but I suspect they'll advise against it, purely based on age.
Dyneema and other synthetics are also an option, but I think you'll find them more than double the cost of rod rigging. Wire if you must, knowing that can raise questions down the line. But it is, after all, a key feature of the boat. C&C must have had some reason for it.

Paul, just a thought: Wally Bryant has a marvelous web site up about his C&C "Stella Blue" and all the work he did bringing it back from the dead. A MARVELOUS resource to explore what a Landfall can be hiding, or how to deal with the common problems and surprises they can have. Wally is one of those guys who didn't just fix things--he fixed 'em right. And nicely.

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