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Re: This Ought to Keep Me Busy...

Teardown -- The Rest of the Story

OK, so I noticed that I neglected to include the cylinder head in my previous post.

Just to recap, the reason I began this project was to figure out (and hopefully fix) my excessive oil consumption.

After pulling the intake manifold I could see that a lot of the oil was coming out of the top of the engine, through the crankcase breather, and into the intake. The inside of the intake manifold was caked with oil, and you can see the oil accumulation on the face if the intake valves. Not promising...

One of the features of the 4.108 is that the valves have both inner and outer valve springs. That meant that my trusty valve spring compressor just wasn't gonna work. I needed to get a lever arm type, but sticker shock pointed me in another direction. I picked up an 8" c-clamp and a conduit coupler at the closest big box store, and made my own. Total cost -- about $15, plus I've now got a big honkin' c-clamp (one can never have too many clamps, donchaknow.

Anyway, the valves will need to be replaced. The tips (that contact the rocker arms) are pretty well worn. Since the rocker arms have dished out the tops of the tips, getting an accurate valve adjustment is pretty much impossible with a standard feeler gauge. Could I clean them up and reuse them? Sure, but replacements are relatively inexpensive.

The intake valve seats look pretty good -- must have been all that oil keeping them happy.

The exhaust seats are a little pitted, but nothing that lapping won't fix.

The passages were pretty gunked up; the intakes with congealed dirt/oil and the exhaust with carbon build up. Again, solvents, brushes and dental tools were put to use. I got it fairly clean, but I think I'm gonna have the head hot-tanked anyway so further scrubbing would be a waste of time.



Next Edition: The Measurements (for real this time...)
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