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Henry, the Lectrasans do work as claimed. And all marine heads will jam or leak if neglected or misinstalled. The only problem with a Lectrasan is that the discharge from them, sanitary or not, is still prohibited as "discharge" in many places. And once you need a holding tank, the purpose of the Lectrasan is defeated.
Current? Yeah, they take power, but for a very short period. Do the math, it isn't much power consumption overall.
Airhead? On a small boat? Dunno why, the mass industry hasn't found them to be attractive. Hmmm...maybe because of size, price, effectiveness versus everything else?

If you are ready to use a portapotty you may as well look into a plastic bucket with a toilet lid top, sold in camping stores. Line it with a plastic bag, pour a handful of absorbent kitty litter in the bottom (honest!) and you've got something evern simpler and cheaper, and it won't leak or spill. Which are the two complaints against portapotties, sooner or later, the blue goo gets on you.

There's nothing wrong with a conventional head, other than some cheapskate owner picking one that's too small for real human beings to sit on, and then failing to perform routine maintenance for 20 years. There are parts--including the hoses--that simply need to be replaced on a regular basis.
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