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Re: Any C-Head Users?

I regret that I am not qualified to reply to PMs on this august forum, due to insufficient numbers of posts. Please know then, Ms. T, that I am not ignoring you. The answer to your question is YES! We are still pleased with the thing, very much so, after 9 months of light, cool-season use. There is no smell. None. Care could hardly be easier.

I suspect that user-noncompliance accounts for a substantial percentage of all disappointment. If the males of your acquaintance cannot bring themselves to suffer the indignity of sitting to pee, there will be problems as the stuff that is supposed to dry the poop gets soaked with mis-aimed pee. Yuck. All users must sit for each use. That's all there is to it.

We weren't too happy with the fit of the elongated seat, so next time they were on sale at the local hardware store, we replaced it with a wooden round one, drilled a hole for the crank to fit through, and vi-ola! Much better, and for us, just as comfortable.

One surprise was to discover that TP doesn't get drawn down into the peat mixture, rather floats on top, where it quickly dries. We then, from time to time, pick it out, stuff it in a plastic grocery bag, tie a knot, and chuck it. Not a problem, as it turns out.

I may be talking out of ignorance, but I wonder if the gnats some have complained of are due to eggs hiding in garden center peat. We have not encountered any beasties at all in reconstituted coconut fiber. when we are using it more often, we will be emptying it more often, before, in theory, the bugs have a chance to hatch. We shall see.

But for the investment, this seems a very sturdy, simple, well-thought-out, affordable contraption, which would seem to be a perfect size for a small sailboat head. With great storage space where the icky holding tank used to be.
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