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Re: Any C-Head Users?

With chopsticks dedicated to the purpose of course. By the time I get around to doing that, it is entirely dry and odorless, and if I didn't bother, it wouldn't matter at all. The bucket would just fill a bit faster. No problem.
Part of the reason we went with this option is that we didn't want to have to use precious fresh drinking water for our "just like home experience." Or, for that matter, look at our dark tannin-stained swamp water pumped at some expense so we can pretend we are not going to have to face the results eventually. Nor must we keep a freaking NC-required pump out log, nor must we take the whole apparatus apart to repair it, nor must we scour the Internet looking for obscure spare parts and wait for them to arrive. Nor must we arrive at our next pump out station, many miles from the next one after that, with a full holding tank, only to find it placarded OTS. We needn't store bottles of antistinkum liquid, or salt for the treat & dumper.
I am absolutely not saying this thing is the only way to go, but we did investigated a LOT of alternatives, smelled a lot of stinky boats. We call the nice Raritan rep our friend, he has even been to visit from time to time, and somehow we ended up with this C-Head anyway. We cant say we weren't warned. Peggie Hall was steadfastly agin composting heads, but I would love to have her evaluate this one. I believe they have devolved, if you will, a long way, toward simplicity.
Who knows? We haven't lived aboard yet, have not spent a humid Southern summer dealing with its minimal requirements. We may eventually end up with an expensive, heavy, complicated traditional flushing head, delicate macerator, holding tank to monitor, and all the complexity that entails. If so, we aren't out much money! Frankly, it was a personal decision based on a fair amount of reading and listening, ( we had originally planned on a hold-n-treat-n-dump, until NC outllawed them) and so far, this cheap, simple thing is working nicely for us. I don't think I would recommend it to someone such as yourself, whose mind is already firmly made up, though.

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