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Re: Any C-Head Users?

Actually, if anybody had suggested to me that toilet paper would have to be handled in any form, post-use, I would have recoiled in disgust, too. It only occurred to me one day that that dried paper had been there for ages, floating on top,lightly dusted with coconut fiber,that I might remove it without undue revulsion. So I did. Took all of ten nonupsetting seconds, and I suspect most people wouldn't bother. I surely won't bother either once we are living aboard or on the long-anticipated longer cruise, and emptying the lumpy peatish mixture into its secondary composting bucket once every week or two, rather than once in six months. As it is, the head goes mostly unused for weeks on end as we tend to construction chores within twenty paces of home. Some people, I understand, carefully put freshly used paper in a wastepaper basket beside their head, both for traditional heads and for composting ones. I am happy this hasn't proved necessary for us.

I shook my head firmly NO when the idea of a composting head was first proposed. I love my Birkenstocks, but that is a little too close to Mother Gaia for this southern belle, thank you very much. I pictured immense Clivus Multrum rigs, and heads that incinerated the deposits, and I imagined 33-gallon garbage cans full of loose peat required for others.... Uh-uh. Not me. Then NC solons in their overweening wisdom, said no treat-and-dump in our pristine (or not) waters. And keep a log of pumpouts. That put things in a whole new light. Who do y'all think you're shoving around? We had not gotten too far down the plumbing path to change our minds, so back to the literature. As it turned out, C-Head had just been introduced, and offered what seemed to be significant improvements in the state of the art, at half the price of other 'composters'. We decided to give it a try... What did we have to lose?
As I said, so far, we are content. Nobody has fouled up the works with, um, feminine contraband, probably because there is precious little machinery to jam. So far, the only males to use the thing have been cooperative. The thing, so far, looks nice, takes no extra space, requires no platform to step up up on, is easy to operate and maintain, is lightweight and has absolutely no odor, not even the earthy peaty smell some have described.
so. Will this blissful honeymoon last? Breathless readers,stay tuned to see how our heroine feels about it a year from now, after, she dearly hopes, some serious use. We shall see how it goes from here.

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